Monday, 16 April 2012

"Rock & Roll is not dead"

"Someone recently said we're like an everyman's rock and roll band - there's something there for everybody" grins Anthony Wright, lead vocalist and guitarist of Wolverhampton's own The Whiskey Syndicate.

The statement couldn't be more true. With their hard-hitting beats and stripped-down rock sound, the band produce a little something for everybody to get into.
The band are Wolverhampton's answer to Guns 'N' Roses and Motley Crue; a true rock and roll band that never fail to get an audience moving.

In June the band will at long-last release their d├ębut album, 'The Right Side Of Crazy'. But last night they were at the Slade Rooms for their launch show, previewing the album in its entirety before taking to the stage for the biggest performance of their lives.

The show proved that the band were up to the challenge as they showed why they've become renowned for their live shows. The band powered through a set of songs old and new as the audience danced and sang along to the band, with songs 'Rise For Me' and 'Break The Chain' showing the band on top form.
The band end the show by taking a bow and diving into the arms of their adoring audience - a fitting finish to a phenomenal hometown performance.

Yet despite all the momentum the band have, they're making sure that they don't get swept up in the moment and are remaining realistic about their hopes for the album.
"World domination would be a bit delusional. We want to make a statement; we want to make an impact. Rock and roll is not dead."

To listen to the interview, click here.

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